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Swimming with Hector's Dolphins in Akaroa Harbour
Conserving the Sumatran Tiger
There are many excuses that people(poachers) use to justify their terrible actions towards nature and it's wonderful creations. Lot's, in my opinion, are not acceptable and that's why WWF was founded;to save animals. I might be only 11, but I can distinguish the difference between right and wrong. In addition to this, I understand the needs of eating meat In our 'community' but most animals don't need to hunt like elephants: hunted to take their tusks because they're made of ivory, that can be sold as a luxurious material. Rhinos, at difference to this, are hunted for their horns as well. However, horns were believed to be a remedy towards illness as it could be used as a medicine-in the pre-scientific time-consuming but now it has been proved that this doesn't work. Contrastingly, people still buy rhino horns as they ignore the existence of science. To anyone that reads this remember, animals merit to be saved and they have the same right as us. if you haven't already please join WWF and contribute. Thanks.
I am 14 I like learning about different animals my favourite is the zebra I had a Siberian hamster and her name was Snowy but she died at two years now I have chi Wawa dog he's named Freddy and he's so cool so I like to save the planet from more animals from dying of extinction so that's my story.
I like to see polar bears.
I have my own farm with forest and water around my house. I like to go in the woods and go down to the pond and fish. Some times i will go to the creek and look for fish or othere creaturs. Each year our forest gets cut down and each year we have less and less trees. I don't want my life to end living this way. I want not just me or people to be happy i want every creatur and every leaf to be happy! I love nature and i don't want any thing to happen to it! I hope people out there will feel the same way about nature.
non dolphin tuna
Hello, I am Naomi. I come a place where people hardly care about a human life. I have a story to tell I had these street puppies you see in the picture, who had lost their mother after their birth. I brought them home gave them food and shelter and above
Tigers have never really been my favourite animal, I would usually go for more cuter animals. That was until I heard about all of the cruelness that was happening to them. 2,500 many seem like a big number to you, but that is just over how many Bengal Tigers are alive in the wild. I bet you are still not sure about why I am saying this... Bengal Tigers may not be the most endangered animal out there but every one of Gods creatures matter! These tigers are being poached, sold illegally and being killed for their skin and body parts. I see this as a really serious issue because if we don't want them to become extinct , then we should start taking action as soon as possible! Just imagine if there was only 2,500 people left in the world. As soon as I adopted a Bengal Tiger, I felt so proud of myself and I knew that I would have to spread the word right away.
I can’t help but think this world could do more. 45-57 amur leopards is an improvement but most species of animals have at least 100 in there population. And I’m only saying this because I care. I mean what if a amur leopard came right in your house and killed you or took your skin to sell. We wouldn’t be very happy would we? No we wouldn’t because that would be cruel and wrong. So why do some people think its right to harm animals? What if there were only 57 humans left? And billions and billions of amur leopards. Don’t you think that some of those leopards would feel sorry for us? We are helping them but seriously it’s just like poverty and famine we can always do more. But we aren’t. I don’t get why this world has too many selfish people who only want money. Which leaves all the nice people with not enough people to help them fight back.
The amazon rainforest has always interested me. Even though I have never experienced it in the flesh articles and photographs always intrigue me to visit there someday. The amazon is also named the lungs of our planet this is because of all the trees there that produces the air that we breath. The amazon rainforest however also experiences deforestation where the amazon's beautiful scenery experiences logging and it's beautiful creatures and wildlife experience habitat loss and the mothers of the animals are taken away from them. One day I would love to visit the Amazon rainforest but for now I can only imagine what it will be like when I finally get there.
Magic day with elephants
Stop Littering and Start Cleaning
Amur Leopard
The natural world is full of wild places yet the number of these wild places is dwindling fast due to the activities of our modern civilisation. It has been said by Brian Cox that our civilisation is a wonder of the universe and I agree with him. Our civilisation's pursuit for knowledge has lead us to finding out how insignificant we are compared to the natural world and the universe around us. The significance of this has unfortunately been matched by the significance of our impact upon the natural world that surrounds us. Ever since the first modern civilisations started in the Near East, mankind has significantly modified the natural world and the wild places that it contains. In my opinion, these are the two defining actions of the human race. For me, the achievement of finding out so much about Planet Earth and has been cancelled out by the negative impact that our modern civilisation has had on the planet. We have to use the information available to us to atone for our atrocities against nature and we must strive to fill in the gaps of our knowledge on the natural world in order to be well informed when making decisions about how to protect and conserve the natural world. It is our duty and responsibility to protect and conserve the natural world because it is worth saving and vital to our very survival. My passion for the natural world stems from my background in geology and the environment. I have studied geology at undergraduate and postgraduate level and my postgraduate education really gave me an eye opener about our impact upon the natural world. My geological training has given me the opportunity to work in some incredibly beautiful natural environments in addition to accentuating my passion and respect for the natural world. Halfway through my postgraduate degree, I realised that I didn't want to work in the mining industry and that I would rather do a PhD on something more academic with as little association as possible with the exploitation of the world around us. I searched high and low for a PhD in the field of geology that could be useful to modern society. I was keen on working on the risks and hazards associated with volcanism in Iceland and Italy, however, I didn't get the opportunity to do this. Instead, I was offered a PhD on estimating the resource potential of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. In hindsight, I shouldn't have taken on this role and I had reservations about doing a PhD on this topic given its association with the exploitation of an as yet untouched natural environment. Two months ago, I quit this PhD after realising that I didn't want to do a PhD on this topic. It just wasn't for me so I left Norway - which was where the PhD was based - and moved back to my hometown, London. When I got back, I I still wanted to do a PhD and I still do now. I had a topic in mind and I started to develop it, however, one day last week I thought to myself "What is the point of studying some alkaline rocks from southern Brazil?" Sure, I find these rocks interesting but there is very little point in studying them unless you want to investigate them for the purpose of eventually mining them. Almost simultaneously, an idea about what I could work on for my PhD came. Believe it or not, I have been passionate about conservation and the natural world for most of my life. The reason I went into geology was because I wanted to work in the natural world and study how it works. Last week, I realised that I could have a career where I could have both of these things. I would like to focus my PhD research on the conservation of the Amazon rainforest and then spend my future academic career doing research on rainforest conservation. The natural world is wonderful and I will strive to protect it as it will be an absolute travesty to see it disappear.
The Amazon rainforest is often referred to as our planet's lungs. If this is the case then why are so many people determination to chop it down. I understand that people need to make a living but those people that continue to exploit our rainforests are simply taking a saw to the branch that they are sitting on. People should try to spend their careers helping conserve the rainforest or helping other people. Things have to change and rainforests such as the Amazon must be protected and conserved. The consequences of not doing this are dire for us and the natural world that surrounds us.
If we do not persuade everybody else (politicians and businessmen etc.) to start making changes, then we will suffer the consequences along with the rest of the natural world. There will be no biosphere and all of the treasures and delights of the natural world will be gone because of mankind. And for what? More profits, more material goods and just plain greed and a complete disregard for the environment around us. Something must be done NOW. Not in five years, ten years or twenty years but NOW. The 'I will do it tomorrow' thinking that we are used to will not cut it given how dire the situation is. The way our species is going, there will be no tomorrow for us and no future on this incredible planet. THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE IMMEDIATELY!
The Three Tier Tech
Our Earth is the most vital part of our well being. But sometime, we homo sapiens fail to realize that it is not only our's but also of all other living beings that reside here. As a Green Flag awarded school, we recently conducted a survey among students to simply check the statistics on the present condition of stray animals, especially cats, in residence localities. It is indeed discouraging to note that the graphs were tremendously shocking. When asked about the number of cats in their locality, most answered that it varied from around 5 to 10, with more occasionally turning up, just to vanish again when garbage dumps were emptied. A few of the more concerned students also added that they would often see a cat or it's younger relative, a kitten, being abused by a group of boys and after a while, so bruised and injured that it eventually died there. Many more saddening facts were revealed, such as, some of the cats having no food to eat at all. In the light of this report, the Our Own Eco Club decided to launch a campaign titled 'Protect The Paws, Save Our Furry Friends' in order to spread cognizance on the miserable conditions of these fellow beings. I urge the residents of the UAE to try and ensure that the stray cats in your area are, if not tended to, at least kept safe from animal abuse.
I love animals. Unfortunately most are endangered! I like so much animals that I've already adopted two; Snow leopard and a Polar bear. Animals surround us and make our planet better. When their endangered, for them, their calling for help,for safety and we need to contribute and help them. That's why I joined WWF so then I can help animals. These creatures are living things like us so we should treat them like humans. I know that sometimes we need to hunt for meat and to survive but who we don't need, we shouldn't leave and not kill. When your older do something to help animals and don't do like most boys that want to be a FOOTBALLER! At which ever chance you've got to help animals, do you're best; for example make drawings, clay animal models, birthday or christmas cards to raise money then send it to WWF so they can use it to help animals. Everyone that reads this needs to remember that animals are very important and they make life better( animals are worth saving!).
Beautiful world
I love animals. When I was very small I used to have a zoo membership and I would go everyday. I always felt that I would love to work with them some day or go and see them in their natural habitat. I love your work and I feel the things you do can change the world. I'm going to adopt a polar bear and a tiger for Christmas. I
Earlier this summer I went on my first ever trip to Scotland. We were surrounded by the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen, mountains, lakes and most of all, trees. These were trees that had lived the most extraordinary lives, they had lived through centuries, decades, millennia. The trees grew through nature's will, their purpose?? Singularly, just to keep growing and stay alive. But together? They formed a unity so strong that it produced the very chemical that we as humans need to survive. However this story has a tragic turn, because this chemical has a harmatia, it is a colourless gas. Now to most that would seem like a simple thing, but unfortunately that simple feature will be the diminishing factor of the trees. In a time which is now forgotten by man, when the world was first starting, the trees and the humans formed an alliance, for they could only survive off the other organism's waste. The agreement was such that the trees would grow and conquer the land for the humans, whilst offering a small level of material for the humans as a resource, to build and to advance within the land. The humans in return, would spread and multiply so that the level of carbon dioxide remained accessible to the trees. Unfortunately, as in many tales, the slither of greed runs through all organisms. Time moved on, and the organisms grew and changed, the humans alliance with the trees allowed them to grow and prosper across the land, and although the trees were visibly frozen, they also stormed across the lands conquering all great heights and climates throughout the world. As the trees grew, so did the human's desire to succeed, for amongst the humans there was a fierce rivalry to have the most power and wealth amidst the humans. And within this fight, the ancient agreement between these two powerful organisms was shattered. And from that moment, humans fled across the lands, choosing to destroy the only source of their life through their malicious greed and desire to claim that they were the greatest. But no human can make this claim, for the humans will soon die out and the trees will be left to rule the earth. So maybe, for the selfish desire to save some of this planet for the future, and to give humans the chance to live and breathe, we should give a little more time to at least put back what we take, to not slash and burn in an opportunity to make some quick money off a cattle farm. Timber is important to our society, but is it worth our lives?
I am an animal lover, always have been, always will be. This however is not solely about saving animals from extinction, it's about keeping the natural world in it's beautiful state. I like to think of it like a game of Jenga, there is a limit to the amount of blocks that can be removed before the whole tower comes crashing down. In the natural world the more animals we take away (because after all it is the action of humans causing their extinction),the more glaciers we melt, the more trees we remove and do not replace, the less able the world will become in sustaining itself. How many more blocks can we afford to take away from the natural world before it all comes crashing down ?
My story has one main point. Is there someone in your life that gives you things, then in times of need asked for things back? Your mum? Or dad? Sister, brother, aunt or uncle? Grandparents? Now apply the situation to nature. Nature gives use food, beauty, amazing super things. And right now, nature is hurting, and it needs every single human being possible to shout out with there voice, and stop people hurting nature. Because after all, nature keeps us alive, isn't it time to return the favour?
Animals mean the world to me they are my best friends and animal like you for who you are and don't judge you
The biggest prize
My name is Sally and I live in Lancashire. Behind my house was an old stone building in the woods there. The land was unused and we planted it as though it was our garden. A few years ago the building was bulldozed and the woods were ruined. Over the last few years we planted wild flowers and trees and tried to reintroduce the wildlife back into the woods. On the 27th May we received a call from our next door neighbours saying they had seen a deer in their garden. it had run down into the woods, so 10-15 minutes later I went down to have a look. I sat down for 10 minutes but i thought it would have run well away from the house. then the roe deer came back!!! It walked towards me and instantly scenced my presence. It did stay for a while but eventually turned and headed back into the woods. The deer was very special for me to see because aside from a hedgehog, various birds and grey squirrels, we hadn't seen anything in our garden that was particularly rare too see there. I know that roe deers aren't quite snow leopards or tigers but I think they need to be helped. Not because they are being hunted for their skin or bones, but because every animal deserves the same chance to survive! THE END
Save the leopards
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